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Uganda and Tanzania Safaris: Gorillas Trekking, Wildlife Viewing Uganda & Tanzania Safari, Community Cultural Uganda Tanzania Tours

Personalized Affordable Rwanda Tanzania Safari For Single And Small Group Travellers, Amazing Gorilla Trekking, African Wildlife Viewing With Unique Community Cultural Rwanda Tanzania Safari Tours That Offer The Best African Safari Experiences And Value For Your Money

Uganda and Tanzania safaris are for travelers who wish to explore the sights and sound of Uganda and Tanzania on a single African safari, we provide Uganda and Tanzania safari itineraries that offer amazing gorilla trekking, wildlife, cultural Uganda and Tanzania tours.

Your Uganda and Tanzania safari is a perfect chance to visit Uganda-the country the greatest number of highly endangered Mountain Gorillas in the world and the highest groups of habituated Chimpanzees in the World, making Uganda would a true paradise for primate watchers on top of her wildlife and African cultural tours.

Uganda’s Kibale National Park often referred to as the Primate Capital of the World with 13 Primate Species−is the best place for Chimpanzee Habituation experience and trekking in East Africa. Also, Uganda’s lush forest habitats such as Budongo, Kyambura gorge, Semliki, and Kalinzu harbors chimpanzees.  Golden monkey populations thrive in Mgahinga National Park along with the iconic Mountain gorillas forming the background of its slogan ‘Where Gold Meets Silver’ and those who have undertaken Uganda and Tanzania safari adventures have witnessed this

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