Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park

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Volcanoes National Park is a national park located in northwestern Rwanda, East Africa. It is one of the most popular and iconic national parks in the region and is known for its remarkable biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes. The park was established in 1925 and covers an area of approximately 160 square kilometers (62 square miles).

The main feature of Volcanoes National Park is its volcanic mountains, which are part of the Virunga Mountains range. This range is home to a group of dormant volcanoes, including Mount Karisimbi, Mount Bisoke, Mount Muhabura, Mount Gahinga, and Mount Sabyinyo. The park is internationally recognized for its conservation efforts in protecting the endangered mountain gorillas that inhabit the region.

Volcanoes National Park is famous for its gorilla trekking experiences. Visitors can embark on guided treks to observe and interact with habituated gorilla groups in their natural habitat. These treks offer a unique opportunity to witness the incredible beauty and behavior of these gentle giants up close.

Apart from gorillas, the park also supports a diverse range of other wildlife, including golden monkeys, black-fronted duikers, bushbucks, spotted hyenas, buffaloes, and various bird species. The park’s rich biodiversity is further enhanced by its lush bamboo forests, montane ecosystems, and scenic crater lakes

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