PRIME SAFARIS & TOURS LTD is an indigenous African tour agency fully registered and licensed in Kampala Uganda with operations in several Africa safari destinations. We are a Sustainable Tourism tour agency that strongly forcuses on Environmental & Nature Conservation as a means to uplift and uphold the Fundamental Human Rights of People BUT deeply involved in activities that actuarise the achievement of Human Rights of Orphaned & Vulnerable Childrens hence a percentage of our profits support the Christ Our Vision International Child Care (COVICC).

We drive travelers’ sustainable tourism interests providing them with their desired ultimate African safari experiences in our ares of operation. Our competent, committed and passionated team offers excellent services to several individual & group travelers over the years, as well as to promoting the Global Sustainable Tourism goals to make Africa the world`s best sustainable tourist destination.

Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd offers Gorilla tracking safaris and Chimpanzee Trekking, prime African wildlife tours, Mountain Climbing adventures, city tours, white water rafting, boat cruise trips, fishing trips, horseback riding, bird watching, Car hire Hotel booking & Ticketing services for our estemmed clients. We run safaris in all the major National Game Parks and Reserves in Uganda as well as all other prime safari destination where we operate in Africa customised to your safari interests.

We use very experienced guides who are knowledgeable about travel, Wildlife & nature conservation trained, passiontae, ever welcoming and ready to protect & safely drive you around, educate you about our destinations with vast knowledge, usher you into the cultures of the people in our destinations but ALL Committed to Sustainable Tourism.

We enjoy a good working relationship with all hotels and lodges in all tourist destinations of operation all over Africa, therefore we can assist you with hotel reservation, Air ticketing plus all other travel related needs within our reach.

We have a proven record of effectively and efficiently organizing sustainable safaris for individual and groups travelers, leisure travel, business and family trips. Our dedicated and experienced team will serve you with all of your travel requirements within and shall go an extra mile to ensure your adventure satisfaction. Efficient service to your travel needs is our priority yet your budget and personal needs matter when choosing accommodation and other logistics for your dream African safari trip .

We can make it to any destination of your choice being well equipped with reliable 4WD Toyota Land Cruisers, & 4×4 Minibuses/Safari Vans customized and comfortable for our clients.

Departure time to any safari is not fixed so we can start safaris any time at the wish of our clients depending on the destination of choice and safari activity to be undertaken. Please note that many times safaris start early morning due to the long distances driven from our safari starting points to get to these prime tour destinations and its the best time to find the prime game-wild creature.


To be Africa`s leading sustainable tourism Agency working together with other partners the world over to strive Protect our Environment & Nature as we strive to uphold Fundamental Human Rights of the Orphaned & Vulnerbale Children.


To Conserve Our Environment & Nature by offering memorable value for money sustainable tour services to our esteemed clients from all over the world as we strive together with them to offer a better life to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Uganda to ensure they enjoy their Human Rights.


1.To make touring Uganda and Africa at large a sustainable tourism destination enjoyable all stake holders in the vicious Tourism Cycle.

2.To ensure we raise funds through rendering quality provide sustainable tour services to tourism services to our clients from all over the world to fight and uphold Fundamental Children`s Rights of the Orphaned & Vulnerable Children under our at Christ Our Vision International Child Care (COVICC) plus those in other Villages in Uganda.

3.To offer Value for Money sustainable tailored tourism services to ALL our clients crafted with the sole purpose of incripting the ultimate Africa safari memories as we together ensure a better environment for both nature and Vulnerable Children.

4.To stear and champion efforts to rally ALL those we interact with in our daily operations conserve our Environment & Nature as well undertake activities geared towards achieving our Mission and broader Vision.

5.To ensure our staff are well triained, remunerated, facilitated and motivated to be first agents of change to enable the company achieve its Mission and broad Vision with perfect understanding, interest, competence and above all love to do it.

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Once you plan and book a safari with us, we ensure that the following areas are taken care of for your well being.


We are committed to follow ALL the Global Sustainable Tourism guidelines and low impact tourism and we generously contribute to activities geared towards the protection of the natural resources in our ereas of operation.


Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd has established a long standing business relationship with other service providers involved in the Uganda travel industry. We not only book an accommodation that suits your taste and preference but one most safe for your entire stay. We always ascertain you will love dining at the hotels / restaurants that meet our requirements and your budget before recommending you to use their service. Carefully we choose hotels based on their general quality and location- right from Inns, Ordinary lodges to economy class and five star accommodations.

We have a national wide network of multilingual guides that are knowledgeable with immense experienced in the tourism sector and have specific understanding of the prime tour destinations but most important those that have special guiding skills and ensuring visitor`s safety or prevention of any potential harm if any. We assure you that our packages are very attractive and we look forward to meeting your travel expectations. Please contact us for more info on our 24/7 line +256773912891


With our proven record of being among the best Ugandan / East African tour operators, We offers ultimate tour services to meet your holistic safari expectations that being our business pillar. At every stage safaris are customized to meet your taste when you choice to pick interest in what we offer. What we term as your taste and preference are your places of interest, transport choice, accommodation type and the food you desire to eat. Our experienced tour consultants provide an itinerary according to your likes and dislikes. For whatever travel plan you have, we are creative to offer you the best service with quality combinations of experience to make your travel plans successful and give you a life time memory out of your Africa adventure.


Our Company offers scheduled, customized safari packages and purchasing can be done online. In our tours, success is attained through our profound mental values: supplier relationships, customer service and our safari guarantee. Our commitment begins with your first attempt to contact us- be assured to receive a prompt response within 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on the solutions we have available to attend to your needs. Our company offers free consultations with itinerary adjustments throughout the reservation exercise. You’re free to customize your dining, transportation (water, Air and road) and hotel accommodations where applicable. We oblige to see you feel a typical Ugandan adventurous experience and an East African love as you get exposed to the cultures and traditions in different regions as you travel.


Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd was formed majorly as a means to earnest funds to support Christ Our International Vision Child Care  (COVICC) in its divine charity obligations to support the orphaned and vulnerable children, helpless widows and the elderly who had no help at all yet deserve all their Human Rights. Part of the proceeds/ profits realized from this agency are directly channeled to the many obligations of (COVICC) hence by adventuring Africa`s secrets, beauty as well as Uganda`s unique nature you are directly helping the beneficiaries of (COVICC) and providing them with opportunities to live a better life at least one that enjoys some of the basic human rights such the right to life, education, clothing, food and clean water plus medication which are all a mere wish to all these people.

We ensure that at any time we take on small groups of tourists just enough to ensure maximum flexibility and enjoyment to all clients.

We specialize in personalized care and attention to all our esteemed clients.

We offer you individualized tours matching your interests and budget.

We ensure that you only have the best safari guides in Uganda, all through your safari.

Prime Safaris & Tours supports sustainable and responsible tourism that helps the country retain her attractions for ever.

       OUR TEAM.

Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd prides itself of a multi-talented team of seasoned professionals that are well qualified and dedicated to the task of providing unrivaled sustainable tour services with all their logistical requirements. 

We engage and retain only the most qualified, committed and talented individuals within their different departments that observing our values which are integrity, commitment, responsibility and self-drive as well immense passion of serving our esteemed clients the world over and maximum customer care.

Our success lies in the outstanding quality of our services, fleet and the commitment of our staff towards our Mission and overall Vision which determin ALL our operations backed by our immeasurable experience plus passion to deliver on our promise to our clients.

The Team;-


SAMUEL MAKANGA - Managing Director

SAMUEL MAKANGA – Managing Director

He is passionate about conservation of nature and bears immense knowledge about ALL our destination Uganda and Africa at large. He is as well the vision bearer behind the startup of Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd BUT also one of the Directors at Christ Our Vision International Child Care (COVICC), a family founded and managed vulnerable children community care orphanage & school based in Kalagi town Mukono –The second worse hit district with HIV/AIDS in Uganda.

After annexing credible experience in the tourism industry, he opened Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd in 2008 to not only offer ultimate Africa Safari memories to travelers the world over but to participate in active conservation of nature and create an avenue to annex funds to run Christ Our Vision International Child Care (COVICC).


Cate Makanga Kamya - CEO and Office AdministratorShe is a passionate about sustainable tour operations with knowledge in Social Work, Administration as well as Human Rights & Management. Due to her passion in tourism and helping the vulnerable children, she has gathered alot of competence in sustainable tourism from as a means of earning a sustainale means to care and fight for Human Rights of the Oprphaned & Vulnerable Children. Cate is in the incharge of ALL our Sustainable Tourism and oversees operations of the Company ensuring that we achieve our Mission and Vision.

We welcome you to Uganda!



Meet the rest of our team ready to steer your memorable Africa safari experience;-

SIMON– Manager Operations / Tour & Travel Consultant

He has credible passion & experience in his field & derives satisfaction in satisfying clients’ safari needs sustainably. He manages our daily operations and follows up on all our Objects at all stages and ensures customers satisfation beyong their expectation from the booking stage till the end of safari excecution.

MARTIN– Accountant & Finance Manager

Given his experience in his field, Martin Manages our accounting related issues.

ELVIS –Reservations Dept.

SANDRA – Reservations Dept.

RASHID – Reservations Dept

ROBERT – Transport & Logistics Manager


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