History has been made! It’s unbelievable; Eliud Kipchoge Has Broken the 2 hour Marathon Record

Have you been to Kenya for an Africa safari? Safari Kenya one of the best Africa tour destinations. It is also home to Eliud Kipchoge, the 2 hours Marathon record breaker. On the 11th October, a Kenyan named Eliud Kipchoge broke the 1:59 record marathon record.  Eliud Kipchoge, aged 34, has become the first athlete to run a marathon in under two hours, beating the mark by 20 seconds. He covered the 26.2 miles (42.2km) in one hour 59 minutes 40 seconds in the Ineos 1:59 Challenge in Vienna, Austria on Saturday. That’s an average of 100m every 17 seconds, for the whole distance. The Olympic champion missed out by 25 seconds in a previous attempt at the Italian Grand Prix circuit at Monza in 2017.

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Kipchoge was dressed in white and wearing prototype Nike shoes, flanked by seven black-shirted pacemakers in an arrowhead formation to shield him from the wind. There were support personnel cycling by his side, earpieces attached, in constant contact and ready to hand-deliver fluids directly to Kipchoge’s hand so he need not veer even a metre off course.

With a leading pace car beaming green lasers on to the road to indicate the required pace of 2:50 per kilometre, Kipchoge never went slower than 2:52 for any. He was 10 seconds ahead of schedule at the halfway mark, before appearing to slow with a few 2:52 kilometres, only to regain the pace and kick on in the final stages. Kipchoge‘s coaches delivered him water and energy gels by bike over 4.4 laps of a 5.97-mile course in the city’s Prater Park, instead of having to pick refreshments up from a table as in normal competition marathons.

There were also thousands of fans who had flown around the world to line the course and watch history being made. It was enthralling – a lesson in how to turn one man’s marathon run into so much more.

The four-time London Marathon winner embraced his wife Grace, grabbed a Kenyan flag and was mobbed by his pacemakers, including many of the world’s best middle and long-distance runners.

Despite the achievement, the milestone won’t count as a world record. In fact, Ineos hasn’t even submitted a request to the IAAF for the attempt to be officially ratified.

Eliud Kipchoge Speaking to the journalists around, “This shows no-one is limited, “Now I’ve done it, I am expecting more people to do it after me” said Kipchoge. Kipchoge, who compared the feat to be the first man on the moon in the build-up to the event, said he had made history just as Britain’s Sir Roger Bannister did in running the first sub-four-minute mile in 1954.

“The law of nature cannot allow all human beings to think together,” Kipchoge said. “In breaking the two-hour barrier, I want to open minds to think that no human is limited. All our minds, all our thoughts are parallel. But I respect everybody’s thoughts.”

Kipchoge’s coach, Patrick Sang, said “everything went perfectly right” in this attempt.

“He has inspired all of us and shown that we can stretch the limits in our life,” he added.

“For the sport, it is a challenge to other young athletes that they can perform better than they think. For humanity, it shows you can move to another level.

Kipchoge was backed by a team of 42 pacemakers, including Olympic 1500m champion Matthew Centrowitz, Olympic 5,000m silver medalist Paul Chelimo and the Ingebrigtsen brothers Jakob, Filip and Henrik.

History of the INEOS 1:59

Eliud Kipchoge The attempt was funded by petrochemicals company Ineos; owned by Britain’s richest man, Sir Jim Ratcliffe – which also sponsors the cycling team of the same name. The location was selected because of the favourable climate, excellent air quality and almost completely flat terrain, with only 2.4 metres of incline across the route. The Ineos team selected the start time of 07:15 BST after assessing weather conditions in Vienna this week.

Kipchoge’s first crack of going sub-two-hour in Monza, Italy, was part of Nike’s Breaking2 project. This time he was being backed by petrochemical company Ineos in an attempt called the 1:59 Challenge.

The chemical company Ineos spent a reported £15 million on this event and every element was conducted with impressive military precision. From the re-laid road cutting through the Prater park to the bright green grid projected by laser from the pacing car and ensuring a near-perfect even speed; from the flawless mid-run changeovers in pacemaker personnel to every steward being equipped with a broom to sweep away any falling leaves. Nothing – absolutely anything – was left to chance.

But for all that, a man was still required to fulfil the task. One human had to take all that planning and technology, and harness it to achieve the impossible. Kipchoge was that man. What Kipchoge achieved on a chilly Saturday morning in Vienna doubtless will as well.

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