Facts – Why Tanzania is Flocked By Many Tourists

Tanzania is Africa’s largest country sitting on a geographical area covering 945,087 km² bordered by Kenya ad Uganda in the north, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo in west Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique in the south and to the east by the Indian Ocean. Tanzania safaris are popular because of the diversity in wildlife species within her boundaries. Many tourists always try to find where to visit on an African safari and popular for wildlife, Tanzania is always one of the top destinations but then why would one choose to tour Tanzania or add it to their safari bucket list. Here is why you should not miss a safari in Tanzania on your Africa tour bucket list.

However, Africa has many different exciting Africa safari tour destinations to choose from making it hard to single out one location to visit. In this article piece of today, I want to unleash for you why you should think of putting Tanzania at the top of your list Africa tour destinations followed by Uganda, home to half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. These countries are open to tourists interested in Uganda gorilla trek safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park as part of your Uganda wildlife safaris. Similarly, Rwanda and Congo are interesting Africa safari tour/ Africa wildlife safari destinations because they offer traveller opportunities like gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park and Gorilla safari tours in Congo’s Virunga National Park. Here are reasons why you need to visit Tanzania.

Tanzania has rich National Parks

You will enjoy sightseeing as you drive through the countless vast plains; Tanzania is the ideal place to visit to make those dreams a reality. A Tanzania safari will grant you the chance to witness one of the biggest ranges of national parks and game reserves in all continental Africa. With more places to visit and explore during your Tanzania tour/ Tanzania wildlife safari, you will have a more in-depth and enjoyable Tanzania safari tour experience. Each of the reserves and parks has their own selling points, so it may even be an idea to visit more than once while you are out there. After all, safaris are one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences for many people.

Once Tanzania is on your Africa safaris bucket list, keep clam and expect the best. You will drive around these parks in a 4×4 safari van hire in Tanzania, 4×4 safari jeep car hire in Tanzania or any other 4×4 car rental in Tanzania depending on the number of people you will be coming with for safari.

Witness the Great Migration

You can only enjoy this experience if you go on a tour in Tanzania because you will have the chance to experience closely this Great Wildebeest Migration. This natural phenomenon occurs each year from November to March and it is when more than one million wildebeest, as well as antelopes, zebras and lot of other herbivores, travel through the Serengeti from one side to the other while on the look for water and food.

Of course, when you choose the right Africa safari tour operator like Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd to advise you about the best Tanzania safari wildlife Parks, you will not miss out on visiting a destination like Serengeti National Park; a park that hosts one of the world’s natural seven wonders; the Great Migration. Ideally, you will want to visit around January to March time to really get the best experience. At that time, around 500,000 wildebeest are born.

The Masaai Mara rich culture

The Masaai /Masai around Serengeti National Park is a proud nomadic warrior race who count their wealth in cattle and children. The Masaai culture is rich and unique, they extend a welcome to visitors from the camps in the Park in return for support of their village, schools and health centres. The Masaai are friendly and generous hosts who will share with you their native dance, melodies, dramas and experiences. The male Masaai warriors wrap themselves in red cloth cloaks and spears as the children wear the rich bead collars.

Tanzania is the best place to see lions

Lions are one of the animals people expect to see during your Tanzania wildlife tour, I am sure there must be a lion on your list too. And if that is the case, Tanzania is the one place you really need to consider visiting. Tanzania has one of the highest lion populations compared to those you would see on a Uganda safari tour or Kenya safari. In these other Africa countries, you may only have the chance to see a handful of lions throughout the whole of your trip or not even a chance. However, during your safari in Tanzania, this is not really something you will ever have to be concerned. It is thought, according to recent figures, that there are in excess of 16,800 lions in Tanzania.

The parks have a big concentration wildlife

Tanzania is far beyond lions, you will be fascinated by multitudes of wildlife during your wildlife in Tanzania compared to other countries like Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. It’s a fact that Tanzania has the biggest concentration per square km of animals in the world. So, if your dream safari consists of seeing a plethora of different wild animals in their natural habitat without that enclosed feeling that’s often present when you’re on a zoo tour group, Tanzania is a great choice.

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