Explore Serengeti Hippo Pool – An Off-Beaten Safari Destination in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the people favourite countries in all of Africa. It is flocked by millions of tourists to enjoy Tanzania safari tours. It is an Africa safari destination filled with peace and hospitable people. During your visit Tanzania or Tanzania tour, people welcome you with open arms yelling “Jambo” and everyone always seems to have a huge smile on their face. A similar experience will be got if you travelled to Uganda for a Uganda safari tour holiday. Kids and adults along with their smiley faces will be referring to you as “Mzungu”, meaning a “white visitor”. If your colour isn’t different from theirs, you will just be smiled at because it’s a custom there.

Tanzania has a lush and beautiful landscape, exciting vibrant energy from the locals and its wildlife are second to none. In this article today we have to have an exciting readout about Serengeti National Park’s Hippo pool. Serengeti National Park is largely known for its unbelievable scenery and magnificent wildlife with the annual migration of millions of wildebeest, about 200,000 zebras and 300,000 Thomson’s gazelle crossing from Serengeti to Masaai Mara past crocodile-infested waters. It is a magnificent thing to see.

When you go for a Tanzania wildlife safari to Serengeti National Park Tanzania, don’t miss out on enjoying your Tanzania tours valuable vacation time at Serengeti National Park. Lying deep in the northwest region of the national park, this hippo pool attracts both hippos across the reserve and easily accessed via the Ikoma entrance.  It is, in other words, a play park for hundreds of hippos year-round. Hippos like this place because it offers a constant water supply from the converging rivers; Seronera and Orangi Rivers. During your wildlife safari in Tanzania, you will watch these magnificent and regularly amusing creatures in their natural habitat, playing and fighting in the pools.

Most Tanzania safaris that go through this park include a stop at the hippo pool. If your Tanzania safari tour itinerary doesn’t go through Serengeti National Park hippo pool, request your Africa safari tour operator to visit this hippo pool during your short Tanzania safari or short Tanzania tour and witness what other travellers and our writers recommend seeing there.

Once you get there, step outside your 4×4 safari vehicle and get a position close to the pool for a close view. However, once you step out of your 4×4 safari land cruiser for hire, the first thing that you will notice is the odour. It’s not too bad though unpleasant. The smell is something similar to that of a farmyard, but not as bad as a dirty pigsty odour but probably similar to a cowshed. Once the pool comes into view, you will quickly see why the smell is so powerful. Once you get close to it, it deserves to be described as a mud hole.

This Serengeti Hippo pool is home to over 200 hippos. When you try your own census, trust me you won’t get the right figures because it’s difficult to count them, they are either completely submerged or partially submerged so getting the right numbers will be difficult. Those large herbivores not resting on the lakebed’s bottom expose only the tops of their backs or the tops of their nostrils. They look like large grey stepping stones strewn across the waterway. The animals are always in close proximity to one another, hadn’t it been difficult, it would be easy to walk across the pool without getting wet!

The Serengeti Hippo pool experience

All in all, the hippo pool is great theatre. It’s a place where you’re assured to see large animals in their element. What first appears to be just a bunch of rocks in a dirty, stinky pool becomes an entertaining look into the social interaction of this amazing species.

Hippos are argumentative and quick to fight. Their large mouths outwardly disturb to expose dull but very large teeth. They bite at one another, bumping into others, causing a stir throughout the ranks. Slowly they resume their feeding and settle back down, only to have an attack break out minutes later in a different section of the pool.

Similarly, Uganda is home to the largest number of hippos in Africa. When you visit Uganda for a Uganda wildlife tour in Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park you will sight a similar pool. During your game short Uganda safari drive in Murchison Falls National Park Uganda, you Uganda safari driver-guide will take you to the hippo pool for an epic look as well as photos. Unlike the Serengeti hippo pool, Uganda’s pool does not stink. When you take a boat cruise along the Nile River to the bottom of the falls, you will see lots of them in the water.

When you drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda, endeavour to go for a boat cruise safari Uganda along the Kazinga channel. It is said this is the best spot to see hippos because of its home to over 1000 hippos. It has the biggest concentration of hippos in Africa.

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