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Are you looking for a place to visit on your Africa safari adventure in Tanzania? Well, worry no ore because I got your back as I take you on a Tanzania safari to Serengeti National Park.  Serengeti National Park is the ultimate destination for a wild Tanzania tour. Grab your wild safari adventure shoes and come with me on this remarkable journey on a wild tour Tanzania to Serengeti National Park as you are in the right place to experience the true magic of the wild.

Location of Serengeti National Park


Serengeti National Park is located in the northern border of Tanzania along geographical co-ordinates of 02o20’S 34o34’E. Serengeti National Park lies in the north western part of Tanzania. It is bordered by Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve which is just an extension of Serengeti northwards into Kenya. In the west, Serengeti is bordered by the Grumeti game reserve, Maswa game reserve lies in the south of Serengeti and Ngorongoro conservation area and lake Eyasi border Serengeti National Park in the south east.

A safari tour Tanzania to Serengeti National Park takes you to the land that runs forever or you can call it the sirenget just like the native Masai do.

Serengeti is revered as the best African classic wildlife national park on the African plains as it has been voted for now 2 years in row as the best African wildlife national park given its rich bio-diversity. A safari to Tanzania in Serengeti national park puts you in a close encounter with some of African finest attractions and these are.

What highlights wildlife tour in Tanzania to Serengeti national park?

A Tanzania wildlife tour to Serengeti National Park, well as it local names says, Serengeti National Park is really a land that runs forever and as a result its home to close to 2 million wild game hence if you choose to come to a wildlife tour Tanzania in Serengeti national park expect to be in close company of at least 2 million wild friends and some of these include Africa’s big 5’s i.e. lions- Serengeti has the biggest lion population in Africa which stands at 3000 individuals, leopards- there are about 1000 of these night stalkers roaming the Serengeti grasslands, rhinos, buffaloes and elephants about 5000 of these land giants are present here. All these make up the big 5’s of the African wilderness. Other mammal species here include 250000 plain zebras, about 0.5 million Thomson’s and grant’s gazalles, topis, Masai giraffes, impalas, warthogs, common elands, lesser kudus, klipspringer, roan antelope.

AfricaMeet the king of the jungle the lion on a Tanzania tour

On your Tanzania wildlife safari expect a close encounter with the lion. Lions naturally revered as the kings of the African jungle are usually seen on a wildlife safari Tanzania to Serengeti national park strolling the plains Tanzania. If lucky enough, expect to see one or an entire pride out on a hunting mission trying to find their next meal. Besides Tanzania, you can also spot this King of the Jungle on a Uganda Safari or Uganda wildlife safari/ Uganda wildlife safaris to Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda. Prime safaris & Tours Ltd tailors is an expert in tailoring Africa safaris combining different countries on a single Africa tour like Uganda Kenya Tanzania safaris . Packages with combined countries include; Tanzania Uganda safaris, Tanzania Rwanda safaris, Tanzania Uganda Rwanda safaris, Tanzania Congo safaris, Uganda Rwanda Congo safaris,  Uganda Kenya safaris, among the many.

Do you know what and how an African lion looks like?

These can be frequently sighted in Serengeti National Park Tanzania on a tour Tanzania. Lions are part of the big cate family and are muscular, deep chested with rounded heads. Most of the African lion males can distinguished from their females by the presence of a mane around the necks and heads of male African lions which is clearly absent in females but there quite many cases in Africa where the males also don’t have a mane or have a very short and thin one. The male lions are usually bigger than the females but their sizes vary according to location. In Serengeti National Park on a safari Tanzania, adult female lions have a body length of 160-184cm or 63-72in weighing in at 119.5kg or 263Ib on average while the adult males have a body length of 184-208cm or 72-82in weighing in at 174.9kg or 386Ib on average. Lions are social animals who live in groups called prides.

A pride is always led by a dominant male and their highly territorial animals controlling vast expanses that are strategic with a lot of prey and water. Male dominant lions are responsible for protecting the pride and they will fight off other male invaders, in case the dominant male is defeated by the invading lions, the victor lions will kill off all the cubs that are off springs to the defeated dominant male as a way of ending its blood lineage.  Lions are carnivores and are at the top of the food chain feeding on almost all browsers and grazers within their domain due to their ability to hunt as a pride and carry out well coordinated and planned attacks which enables them to take down prey that can even be between 2-4 times bigger than them such as zebras, elephants and buffaloes. Lions usually hunt at night because of their well-developed sense of sight especially at night where their vision is almost 6 times better than that of humans due to the presence of white patches around their eyes which enable them to absorb even the smallest amount of light available during the cover of darkness. Hunting among lions is an affair carried out by female lions mostly and juvenile males and when a kill has been made by the lionesses in a pride, it’s always the dominant male lion who will eat first up to his fill then the rest of the pride will feed on what has remained after the he has finished eating. They have a gestation period of 97 days and a life span of about 10-14 years.

A visit to Serengeti National Park can be done on both short Tanzania safari packages and long Tanzania safari packages which include 3 days Tanzania wildlife safari to Serengeti National Park, 5 days Tanzania safari to Lake Manyara, Serengeti & Ngorongoro. Long safari to Tanzania packages to Serengeti national park include 6 days wildlife safari in Tanzania & 10 days Tanzania northern circuit & birding safari.

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