Tarangire National Park – Tanzania Safari News

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Tarangire National Park – Tanzania Safari News

Tarangire National Park is one of the beautiful Tanzania safari wildlife parks located in northern Tanzania bordered by lake Burungi and Lake Manyara National Park in the north.  Tarangire National Park was created in 1970 and covers a stretch of about 2850sqkm (1100sqmi) which makes it come out as number 6th in terms of size of all the Tanzania safari parks in Tanzania. The park lies in the in the tropical savannah area hence it experiences a tropical savanna climate which is characterized by short wet seasons in which Tarangire receives about 900mm or 35in-1400mm or 85in of rainfall which comes in the 2 seasons from October-December and between March- May and long dry spells. The dry season is experienced in the months of January- late February or early March and June- September and most probably the best time for a wildlife tour in Tanzania. The average minimum temperatures here are between 14-16oC or 57-61oF while the maximum average temperatures are between 26-29oC or 79-81oC.

Attractions in Tarangire National Park


Tarangire National Park is habituated by a wide range of wildlife bio-diversity which includes various mammal species like wildebeests, giraffes, African bush elephants, lions, leopards, cheetah, African wild dogs, banded mongoose, caracal, zebras, elands, gazelles, cape buffaloes and many more. Being host to several species Tanzania wildlife safaris to the park are rewarding with several sightings.


Birds species

Tarangire national park is home to over 500 bird species and the most common of these include the Green White Pelican, Northern Pied Babbler, Bare faced go-away bird, Donald smith’s Nightjar, Northern White Crowned Shrike, Pink breasted tit, Rufous tailed Weaver, Yellow Collared lovebird, Ostriches (ostrich is the biggest bird on the planet). In Tanzania  Ostriches can be  found in Tarangire National Park and in the adjacent Uganda can only be found in Kidepo Valley National Park on bird watching safaris in Uganda.

Boabab trees

Tarangire National Park has the famous baobab tree. The baobab tree is scientifically refereed to as adonsonia digitata tree but it is also commonly referred to as the bottle tree, the upside-down tree or the monkey breed tree. This tree is famous for its odd-looking nature where it has a very large trunk of 9-10mwhich can house about 40 fully grown people when it fully mature with a relatively short height of 5-20m. The baobab tree has many uses and some of them include using its bark to make strings of musical instrument, ropes, water proof hats, baskets, mats and some local societies believe that when the leaves of the baobab tree are boiled and then the water is drunk, they can improve one’s fertility.

Activities in Tarangire National Park

Game drives

With a variety of mammals such as wildebeests, giraffes, 3000afriican bush elephants, lions, leopards, cheetah, African wild dogs, banded mongoose, caracal, zebras, elands, gazelles, cape buffaloes, Tarangire National Park is an epitome of a Tanzania  safaris game drives. These game drives take place in areas like along the banks of river Tarangire which drains this national park hence many of these wild game come to the river to have drink making it a prime spot for game viewing.


With 500 bird species roaming the skies of Tarangire National Park, this is the prime spot for birders to come and indulge in their favorite hobby which is bird watching. While in Tarangire National Park, look out for bird species like masked lovebirds, ostriches, bare faced go away birds, great white pelicans, northern white crowned shrike, pink breasted tit and many others.

Cultural encounters.

Being part of the northern sector of Tanzania, Masai communities live on the peripheral of this park hence giving a chance to get to know these people and their rich culture. From their unique cultural wear, the shukas to the body art modifications, to their brave warriors with their mohawk hair-cut. While out in there in the Masai communities,  you will be put in the mix of Masai cultural activities like cow herding, milking, blood tapping, and a thrilling encounter of a truly rhythmic and high jumping Masai dance and when the Masai dance beats and rhythms get to your inner sense of fun, please feel free to join in and groove to the Masai African music.

Best time to visit Tarangire National Park.

Tarangire national park is open to Tanzania wildlife tours throughout the year but the most thrilling time to visit this tropical jewel of wildlife is during the dry months of June- August and December-March when most of the animals are concentrated near water reserves like river Tarangire and Silale swamp which have the remaining water reserves.

A wildlife safari is a good way to see wildlife up close on any African safari. On a trip to Tanzania, tailoring a trip to Tarangire National Park with a visit to the re known Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro conservation area is one way to get the most out of your trip. With the eased chartered flight transportation, a visit to Tarangire National Park can be customized to a Uganda safari, Kenya safari, Tanzania safari or Congo wildlife safari.

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