The best time to enjoy a game drive in Serengeti National Park Tanzania

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Situated in North Eastern Tanzania, Serengeti is every tourist dream destination and the perfect Tanzania wildlife safari destination. Serengeti National Park is a number one stop Tanzania safari destination that has a vast stretch of Savannah grassland filled with a big number of wildlife that stretches to Masai Mara Game Reserve where those on a Kenya wildlife safari meet the wonder. The almost endless lush grasslands of Serengeti are the richest grazing grounds in the country, and therefore home to the prime herds and the biggest number of predators.

The best time to enjoy a game drive in Serengeti National Park Tanzania

A game drive is far different from its word definition. It’s actually a safari activity done in either a safari park or conservation areas using a 4×4 safari car for close wildlife sightings. Game drives in Serengeti national park are the best part of any wildlife safari in Tanzania.

During your game drive in Serengeti National Park, you will see wonderful local wildlife that habits this park including wildebeest, lions, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, leopards and any other random specie. As part of your adventure, you will find yourself in Serengeti’s incredible wild spaces, have chance to witness the wild wonders of Tanzania in amazement. For this Serengeti game drive; come ready to have the best exciting and heart-breaking moments of the wild.

A Tanzania wildlife safari game drive in Serengeti

A Tanzania wildlife safari game drive in Serengeti

The different Tanzania wildlife safari game drives in Serengeti National Park

Morning/Sunrise Game Drives

Taking a game drive in the morning is fantastic, you will feel the cool morning breeze of the plains leaving you with memories of Serengeti National Park at its most active time. The early morning game drive starts as early as before 6:00am so remember to wear something warm.

The morning hours are the best times for game viewing as the predators take an early morning hunt, in these hours when every animal is still strong and fresh, watching the chase is thrilling. At this time the birds are making the great melodies of the morning as the sun starts to peep out, it’s a great time for seeing an African sunrise in the wild.

Evening/Sunset Game Drives

At dusk, heading for a sunset game drive after a day’s relaxation is amazing as you see the wildlife trying to make an evening kill. During the drive, you will have many chances to meet at this cool sundowner moment is not predictable, it could either be a pride of lion or the numerous wildebeests.

Full Day Game Drives

Having a full day in the wild during a Tanzania wildlife tour is an un rivaled experience. You depart in the early hours of 6:00 am and get back to your hotel by 5:00 pm, this means a full day experience. This is the only way you can encounter and understand the whole experience of the wildlife and their cycle. During this time in the park you will go along with 4×4 safari vehicle for hire fully equipped to cater for you in the wild.

For full day game drives, you will require preparation since the scorching sun will find you in the open plains. Do not forget your packed lunch, hat, sun block lotion and light clothes.

The best way to have all sorts of perfect photographs is when you take a full day game drive to Serengeti.

Take a Tanzania safari and get your senses involved in a drive with thousands of wildlife as they trample and roar in the endless plains of Serengeti.

Feel the joy and fear of driving/cruising through millions of wild animals, no one can ever explain how it feels you have to just experience it yourself.


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