Travel tips for a rewarding Tanzania wildlife game drive- Tanzania Safari News

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Travel tips for a rewarding Tanzania wildlife game drive- Tanzania Safari News

Travel tips for a rewarding Tanzania wildlife game drive- Tanzania Safari News

Travel tips for a rewarding Tanzania wildlife game drive- Tanzania Safari News

Known as the heart of Africa, there is a profusion of wildlife within the borders of Tanzania. With 16 Tanzania safari parks, covering an area of about 42,000km2 numerous wildlife is conserved in the area. This makes it an ideal game viewing destination and therefore the need for travel tips for a rewarding Tanzania wildlife game drive. Wild animals that can be seen on a Tanzania tour are inclusive but not limited to herds of zebras, lions (the densest population in Africa), impala, buffalo herds, giraffes, elands, kudu, sable and hippos in water ponds, Antelopes, Kongoni, cheetahs, grant’s gazelle, Elephants, the dramatic wildebeest and many more are spotted.

Known as one of the seven wonders in the world, the wildebeest annual migration is the best glimpse to behold on safari. The wildebeests, also called gnus, are a kind of antelopes, and belong to the family Bovidae, which includes antelopes, cattle, goats, sheep and other even-toed horned ungulates. They migrate annually across Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Masaai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya with the most dramatic moments when they cross the Mara river.

10 travel tips for a rewarding Tanzania wildlife game drive

When you opt for a wildlife safari in Tanzania, a game drive is always a top pick and for this you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the dramatic moments in the wild. For that, these top 10 travel tips are here to help you catch every moment comfortably;

  1. Ensure you have the right Tanzania wildlife game drive safari vehicle

To get to your destination, you need a car, however to see perfectly wildlife, you need a safari vehicle. Not any car can be used for a game drive, remember make sure you are using a 4X4 safari vehicle with a pop-up roof for proper viewing, you can check this before you set out for your trip. During the game drive, stand exactly where you have a clear view of the animals and can take pictures clearly. An open roof car allows up to 4 members to stand and have a 360 view of the animals, not missing out those shots.

  1. Make the best game drive choice for your game drive

There are different types of game drives for wildlife safaris in Tanzania, and these are morning, Evening, Full day and Night game drives. A morning game drive is the best since you witness how the animals start their day, yet the evening game drive offers you the chance to sight how they end their day. The night game drive is special because you get to see nocturnal species. The animals will always stick to their schedule so it’s you to choose the best schedule. According to what you would love to see choose the best game drive according to your schedule. For extensive parks like Serengeti or the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a full day game drive is the best option.

  1. Pack the right clothing

Depending on the type of game drive you are going to take, wear what fits the drive. Wear neutral color safari clothes like khaki and dark green colors. In the morning you will need a warm clothing, sweater or scarf since the blowing winds are cold, this applies in the night too. In the evening light clothes are fine. Since it’s not a hike, wear comfortable shoes, you may not have to get out of the car.

  1. Don’t carry along a lot of luggage for the game drive

To be comfortable, pack the right things for the game drive. Your gadgets like cameras, sun glasses, hats and packed lunch will do you well. These can be put in a small Zip lock bag. if there is need to carry luggage like when you are not returning to the same hotel, keep it away from your sitting area or any close to cause inconvenience.

  1. Concentrate on your Tanzania wildlife game drive

Since you are in the wild, try to keep away from the busy world, just connect with nature. Make sure you don’t keep on your phone however much you would want to make that tweet immediately after the shot. Have a comfortable safari accommodation facility and have your breakfast before the game drive, let nothing stop you from concentrating on the wild animals.

  1. Always keep in the car

Remember these are wild animals so pay attention to your professional Tanzania safari guide. They know all the animal behavior according to their expertise in this field. Keep your voice low in order to avoid animal disturbance, only leave the car if you should and under the guides instructions.

  1. Ask all kinds of questions

Yes, even the questions you feel are silly will get an answer from your guide. Ask anything you would love to know, from the animal behavior, feeding and reproduction. Noting this down is what will remind you of the best ever safari in Tanzania when you leave the park. Relate with the guide and you will hear of all the best, funny and interesting game drive stories.

  1. Always keep calm

Remember you are on a wildlife safari  to sight wild animals so don’t expect to find them in one place. They are wild animals and during the time you spend on a game drive remember to be patient and wait till you can spot the animals.

  1. Make good use of your camera

Remember to take as many pictures as you can, this is why you carried your camera. Take all the perfect shots. If you traveled in a group and each person has a camera, divide photography roles such that you don’t miss any shot.

  1. Carry some first aid medication

In case you have any health issues like coldness effects, carrying your medication and prescription is recommendable. This is helpful just in case of any emergency.

A game drive is one of the perfect ways to get up close with wildlife especially in parks with carnivores so don’t let anything get in your game drive and destruct you. To any of your Tanzania safari wildlife parks these tips are useful. Even if you opt for a Uganda wildlife safari, wildlife safari in Rwanda or Kenya wildlife safari, these tips can be of a great help.





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