Tanzania coronavirus travel standard operating procedures (Sop’s)

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Tanzania Travel Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Tanzania travel standard operating procedures (SOP’s) have been put in place, as this infectious Coronavirus disease appears to be slowing down, and there is hope that a cure will be seen based on the current medical information circulating. The tourism industry is one of the most infected sections yet its one of the income bringing sectors in Tanzania. This improving the country’s finance moving from dependence agriculture. Tanzania has a variety of tourism destinations both natural and non-natural based which attracts many tourists both local and international


Tanzania as a country has not been much affected by COVID-19 but due to the importance of the health and safety of tourists. Tanzania has put measures regarding protection from coronavirus following WHO. These measures are to be practiced by Government Institutions, tourism business operators and other stakeholders

Below is a summary of protocol concerning travelers to Tanzania

  1. Covid-19 Liaison officers to be appointed and trained in every tourism entity, these will be the point of contact with the ministry. These officers should know about health protocols and update on all approved hospitals for COVID-19 testing and treatment
  2. COVID-19 measures should be observed and communicated with international booking agencies.
  3. Contact surfaces should be cleaned and sanitized with approved disinfectants regularly.
  4. Handwashing and sanitizing facilities such as soap and running water to both guests and staffs
  5. All staff should use recommended protective gears when attending to guests and servicing guest areas
  6. Provision of user-friendly environment for persons with disabilities
  7. Disposable machines for masks and other protective gears that comply with recommended national health and safety standard environmental considerations
  8. Guests accommodation facilities should have in place an insurance mechanism for assisting guests to reach a designed hospital as approved by the ministry
  9. Temperature screening at every entrance point

Tanzania coronavirus travel standard operating procedures (Sop's) for staff in tourism Entities

Employees should be trained, exercise preventives and control measures of COVID -19 as advised by ministry including;Tanzania Coronavirus travel standard operating procedures (SOP's)-Hand washing

  • Hand washing
  • Maintaining social distance
  • Call emergency if having any respiratory symptoms associated with COVID-19

Tanzania coronavirus standard operating procedures (Sop's) for airports

  • All flights to Tanzania must be compliant with Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) to allow Airport Authorities to receive and interrogate the flight manifest for possible high-risk passengers and crews. Passengers in Non-APIS compliant flights or airlines will be either subjected to authorities (port health) pre-screening or may ultimately have their entry denied.
  • All passengers and crews are to be screened for coronavirus before boarding the flight as they may be subjected to test by ministry officials on arrival if the need arises.
  • All airports must have required equipment such as non-contact thermometers, approved by the Ministry to assess the passenger’s physical condition.Tanzania Coronavirus travel standard operating procedures (SOP's)-Airport
  • Check-in counter and passenger waiting areas must have enough disinfectant in place for passengers to disinfect their hands.
  • All airports must have approved equipment such as non-contact thermometers to assess the physical conditions of the passengers.
  • Regular cleaning of high touch areas such as armrests, seats/chairs, rails, wheelchairs, and trolley should be observed.
  • All staff working in areas including security, check-in counter, boarding, immigration, restaurants, shops, health care, and ground cleaning must use proper protective gear.
  • Physical distancing should as much as possible be practiced at the airport.
  • Where possible, airports should use portable boarding scanners for passengers to avoid the need for personnel handling boarding cards.

Tanzania travel standard operating procedures (Sop's) for Ground Crossing Tourists

  • Guests to be temperature screened at the entry of hotel facilities
  • Workstations for all accommodation facilities should be frequently cleaned and disinfect surfacesTanzania Coronavirus travel standard operating procedures (SOP's)-Serengeti National park
  • Number guests should be limited during dinner & breakfasts regarding the safe physical distance required
  • Buffet style meal should be avoided in all accommodation facilities and opts plate service
  • The social distance must be practiced while serving guests as recommended by the ministry
  • Regular sanitizing of guests items
  • Clean with a set of disposable cleaners in all places possible

Tanzania coronavirus travel standard operating procedures (Sop's) for tour Operators

  • Tourism operators who are required to interact with visitors must protect themselves using sanitizers, gloves, and face masks or any other item(s) required for Tanzania Coronavirus travel standard operating procedures (SOP's)personal safety.
  • All tourism operators should maintain social distance with guests whom they interact with
  • Vehicles should be sanitized with recommenced solutions between each transfer. surfaces and objects such as car door handles, seats, binoculars or guidebooks used by guests during and after the tour are sanitized with a recommended disinfectant

Tanzania travel standard operating procedures (Sop's) for Museums, Protected Areas and National Parks

  • Screening for guests/staff for temperature in the protected areas should be done at entry
  • Establishment of COVID-19 hot spot for rapid response team and ambulance
  • All high touch surfaces should be decontaminated with recommended disinfectant.
  • Bathrooms, toilet bowls, and basins must be cleaned regularly with approved disinfectant solutions and regularly sanitized. Where applicable paper towels/disposable towels and sanitary bins for safe disposal shall be made available for guests and staff;
  • All staff should use recommended protective gears when attending guests and servicing guest areas
  • Hand washing and sanitizing facilities such as soap, sanitizers, and running water should be made available and accessible to both guests and staff; and wear a mask as appropriate
  • Maintain a distance of at least one (1) meter from one person to another whilst interacting with each other,Tanzania safaris
  • Where applicable in public campsites, all tourists and camp crew should pitch their tents at a reasonable distance of not less than three meters apart;
  • Ensure that all cultural practices are performed while observing preventive measures such as avoiding shaking hands, hugging and touching of objects;
  • Each camping site should not exceed the number of visitors and crews recommended.
  • Dining facilities provided in the camps should limit the number of guests to adhere to the safety distance recommended.
  • Ensure that the visitor registration system for signing in and out observes social distancing

Tanzania travel standard operating procedures (Sop's) for Mountain Climbing Operators

  • All mountain climbing equipment should be disinfected before climbing and all climbing crew should wash hands with running water and soap
  • Covid-19 preventives and measure should be trained to all crew as a directed by the ministryTanzania Coronavirus travel standard operating procedures (SOP's)
  • Approved disinfect material should be used while cleaning food supplying materials, this is to be done by all food packing facilities
  • A distance of 1 meter Is to be maintained by mountain climbers to practice social distance
  • The all-mountain crew should be temperature screened and to whoever above (37.5^0c) to get medical advice before entering the park
  • Disinfecting weighing scales frequently with approved disinfectant to prevent the spread
  • The all-mountain crew should ensure bathrooms, toilet bowls and basins are cleaned regularly with approved disinfectant solutions and where applicable paper towel and sanitary bins for safe disposal shall be made available for guest and staff

Tanzania travel standard operating procedures (Sop's) for organizing events

  • Attendees must sanitize upon entering the event venue and before any activity undertaken during the eventEvents
  • All staff and participants should maintain a social distance of at least one meter from each other during interactions
  • Registrations areas should avoid congestions and observe the recommended number in each group per unit area
  • For indoor events, it is recommended that designed open and close doors or automatic doors installed to prevent contamination of COVID-19
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