Rwenzori Mountain National Park in Uganda

Overview of Rwenzori Mountain National Park Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park was established in 1952 in the west of Uganda in the Albertine rift as Kazinga National Park overlooking the magical mountains of the moon – the Rwenzoris. It stretches across the rift valley floor about 1,978km2. Queen Elizabeth National Park provides shelter to 95 mammal species, 600 bird species in Uganda making it the first park in Uganda with great bird count, second in Africa and sixth on the African continent, 10 primate species and 20 species of predator. The park is also a home of the tree climbing lions in its southern sector of Ishasha which only exist here and in Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania, the famous 45m long Kazinga channel connecting Lakes George and Edward, the Kyambura gorge with its counts of Chimpanzees and a series crater lakes some of which are salty such as Lake Katwe. The combination of these makes Queen Elizabeth National Park an ideal Uganda safari destination no wonder it is apparently the most visited park in Uganda.

Map of Rwenzori Mountain National Park

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