10 Tips Every Traveler Should Know Before Visiting Tanzania-Tanzania Safari News

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10 Tips Every Traveler Should Know Before Visiting Tanzania-Tanzania Safari News

10 Tips Every Traveler Should Know Before Visiting Tanzania-Tanzania Safari News

Tanzania Safaris Tours are a top pick on many traveler’s bucket lists because of the many attractions in the country. Host to natural wonders like the wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro crater in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania safaris are indeed a must do. However, before you opt to safari Tanzania, do you know what you need to know before flying in? Here are 10 tips every traveler should know before visiting Tanzania;

  1. Don’t forget to carry these basic essentials

If you are wondering what to take to Tanzania, here are the basic things to carry with you on your visit.

  • Carry your passport
  • Carry all other important verification IDs
  • Make sure to keep cash with you at all times
  • Carry a universal adapter with you
  • Carry warm clothes as the weather tends to get cold, especially at nights
  • Carry sunscreen
  • Carry mosquito spray
  • Carry insect repellent
  1. Be health cautious and take precautions

When travelling to a new country, it is advisable to be aware of what are the immune shots to be taken before travelling. Commonly, there are a few vaccinations that are recommended to be taken before travelling to any of the African continent and these include;

  • Yellow Fever
    · Polio
    · Typhoid
    · Diphtheria
    · Hepatitis A

Along with this, you can also take tetanus and rabies shots as a precaution. It is recommended to take these shots at least 3 months prior to your safari and these can easily be done at your nearest clinic. Apart from the shots that we have listed, please do some additional research to find out of there are any recent diseases that are spreading and what are the vaccinations that should be taken as a precautionary measure for the same.

  1. Get a Local Sim Card

On safari, you will need not only to check out directions but also upload your best moments. When you reach Tanzania, you can purchase a local sim card for easy internet access. These are quite affordable and available in most stores in Tanzania, and they can be customized according to your requirements, whether you would like to be making calls or to just the phone for internet. There are also many customizable data plans that you can choose from.

  1. Choose the most affordable means of transport

The most popular way of traveling while on safari in Tanzania is by hiring a 4×4 safari vehicle from your tour operator. However, when you are a budget traveler and want to find the cheapest means of travel, between choosing to hire a vehicle and taking public means at times, it’s cheaper to use public means. Not many tourists are aware of this, but the best Tanzania travel advice you can get, is that one can easily travel to most of the national parks, and even in and around Tanzania by trains, and not only is it more comfortable than sitting in a cramped up car where you won’t even be able to stretch properly, but it is also way cheaper and you can spend all the money that you have saved up for something better!

  1. Always travel in groups at night

Though Tanzania is a very tourist friendly country, and the people are very warm and hospitable, there is a certain chance of falling prey to a bunch of petty thieves who are looking to mug you and steal your wallet. When travelling to the cities after sun set move around with friends or avoid moving to risky areas like bars alone.

  1. Don’t miss out on the beaches

While Tanzania is more popular for the green forests, the rich wildlife and the large expanse of nature, it is also home to some of the most pristine and clean beaches on the planet. So, while preparing for a tour to Tanzania, make sure to pack enough sunscreen and carry your best swimsuits, and get ready to take a dip in some of the beaches of this beautiful country. Some of the top beach destinations in Tanzania are in the Pemba and Mafia Islands, which are easily accessible from Dar es Salaam.

  1. Pack Light

You might have heard of this earlier but then it applies seriously to a country like Tanzania where there is so much to see, and where you will be frequently moving from one place to another. Carry comfortable safari clothing both light and warm since the weather keeps changing. If you’re planning to do some hiking and trekking, make sure to bring comfortable hiking shoes and the necessary equipment.

  1. Carry the right photography equipment

Tanzania has a lot to offer and for this you will need to carry home great memories from the wild. On a wildlife safari in Tanzania for instance there is a lot that can surprise you therefore carry the best camera ever, and make good use of it. A 200mm lens is recommendable

  1. Don’t miss out on Mt Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain and taking a hike to the mountain is rewarding. Opt to go hiking and have great views of the Tanzania spectacular national parks. Its not as difficult as it is said to be.

  1. Tipping etiquette for safaris in Tanzania

Tipping etiquette runs around all of Africa. It’s not mandatory to tip but in case you feel it necessary to do so it is recommendable. Tipping can be done depending on services earned. Your Tanzania safari driver guide is definitely one person who should get the most tip if you feel it necessary because they guide you all through the trip. You can also tip hotel service providers and other casual workers in the parks.

Before you travel to any destination, always ensure to know each single detail. The 10 tips Every Traveler Should Know Before Visiting Tanzania are of great help but not all you need. Also do whatever is helpful to your health and interest as a person and get the most out of your safari.


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